Critical Safety Engineering (CSE)


​​​​​​​Critical System Engineering (CSE), concerns any system whose 'failure' could threaten human life, the environment or the existence of the organisation which operates the system. The engineering of a critical system is particularly focused on: ​

  • Reliability: measures of the ability to deliver a specified service; 
  • Availability: quantifies the alternation between deliveries of proper and improper service; 
  • Maintainability: concerns the ability of the system to evolve and to restored after failures;
  • Safety: concerns the system behaviour ​directly or indirectly threatens human life;
  • Security: concerned with the ​ability of the system to protect itself.​

The motivation for the CSE section is to develop a centre of competence for the development of projects where the above mentionned criterion are of paramount importance. The methodology used for project realisation is based on the Return of Experience of large scale projects and standards in the field of Functionnal Safety.

Here is the list of functional elements in CERN Service Portal: