Tools and Infrastructure (TI)


The Tools and Infrastructure section provides solutions for the integration of industrial controls technologies in the CERN environment, as well as a number of number of end-user applications for the technical infrastructure.  The section also provides the computing infrastructure and tools specific for the operation of the group.

The section provides a coherent set of services:

  • Responsible for development and maintenance of common tools and infrastructure for the group:
    • Web development, 
    • JIRA, 
    • release management, 
    • Oracle support, 
    • terminal servers, 
    • virtualisation, 
    • monitoring tools
    • etc.
  • Responsible for maintenance management support
  • Responsible for end-user applications such as:
    • TIM/C2MON, 
    • Laser/Phoenix, 
    • DIP, 
    • AdAMS, 
    • UAB, 
    • GCS generator, 
    • etc.

Here is the list of functional elements in CERN Service Portal: