TRAKA - keys for BE-ICS and EN-STI car pool

A key distribution box (TRAKA) was installed on the ground floor of building 864. This box contains the keys of all cars in the BE-ICS car pool. If you want to use a car, you need to slide your CERN card in front of the card reader, open the box and take one of the available car keys (marked with a green LED above the key). Once you are back, you have to put the key back to the same place (yellow LED).

As the former EN/ICE group is split in two different departments, we decided that people should preferably use the cars assigned to their departments:

  • BE-ICS: keys 1-10 (upper range)
  • EN-SMM-MTA: keys 11-17 (middle range)
  • The lower ranges (21-40) are used by the BE/RF group
  • The Peugeot Partner GE-742923 (HHRVT-4488, key position 6) is equipped with piquet equipment and foldable bicycles. Please use this car only if you need this equipment. 

Access to the group car keys via the TRAKA box is possible by requesting the 0864K1-001 authorization via ADAMS:

Please add your contract end date as “End Date” in the form. If the field is empty, we will grant permission for one year.

Some hints:

It is possible to request the name of the current and last user of a key by typing *N#, where N is the number of the desired key. Example: *11# displays the current or last user of key number eleven.

It is also possible to add other keys and different authorization schemes to the installation.

You may send any questions concerning the service to or

Please do not forget two simple rules:

Do not smoke in the cars

Switch on the lights when driving


Some rules on usage of CERN cars, including procedures after accidents, can be found on this web page:


Administrators can configure the TRAKA box via this web-interface: