• Responsible for the supply, installation, maintenance, operation, renovation and support of all access & video systems including all the accelerators and the different CERN sites.
  • Develops and integrates comprehensive turn-key or customised industrial control solutions with CERN standard components in the field of process control, interlocks and supervisory control.
  • Responsible for the supply, installation, maintenance, operation, renovation and support of all safety alarm systems. In particular it is responsible for detection and protection systems (Fire, Flammable Gas, Oxygen Deficiency, Toxic Gases and Emergency telephones) and the safety alarm transmission systems to the relevant control rooms (CERN Fire Brigade and CERN Control Centre).

  • Develop a centre of competence for the development of projects where the above mentionned criterion are of paramount importance. The methodology used for project realisation is based on the Return of Experience of large scale projects and standards in the field of Functionnal Safety.
  • Provides UNICOS and JCOP frameworks for developing applications and organises corresponding training. The secton also runs OpenLab activitites in the frame of data analytics.
  • The Tools and Infrastructure section provides solutions for the integration of industrial controls technologies in the CERN environment, as well as a number of number of end-user applications for the technical infrastructure.  The section also provides the computing infrastructure and tools specific for the operation of the group.

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