Projects and Services



Services Service Owner General Description
Industrial Control Applications Enrique Blanco Vinuela

This service provides support, development and consulting services for industrial control applications based on various frameworks: JCOP (The Joint COntrols Porject), UNICOS (UNified Industrial Control System) and UNICOS-CPC (UNICOS Continuous Process Control) and real-time applications based on the CERN standard framework FESA.

Automation Technologies Enrique Blanco Vinuela

This service provides support and consultancy for PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers), PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers), and industrial fieldbuses and communication protocols, including tools and methodologies to standarize the use of PLC's and fieldbuses at CERN.

It also provides operational support for the WinCC OA SCADA product (also known as OVSS), including:

  • First level diagnostics and assistance
  • Licensing of the product
  • Training requests

It also provides operational support for middleware technologies such as:

  • Data Interchange Protocol (DIP) infrastructure
  • Open platform Communications (OPC DA and UA)
  • Controls Middleware (CMW) for WinCC OA
Industrial Control Frameworks and Technologies Fernando Varela Rodriguez

This service designs, develops and maintains Industrial Controls Frameworks, namely:

These frameworks provide a full vertical stack of technologies for the rapid development of control applications using standarized industrial components like the commercial SCADA system WinCC Open Architecture (OA) and WinCC Flexible, Siemens and Schneider PLCs, local touch screens, commercial power supplies and middleware like OPC Unified Architecture. These frameworks are used to implement applications in the accelerator, experiments and CERN technical infrastructure domains.

This service also covers the evolution of all underlying technologies used in the industrial controls stack by testing, validating and integrating new devices, software packages and interfaces, as well as R&D activities to extend the functionalities of the frameworks, e.g. data analysis.

This service also included advanced support, development and consulting services for WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA).