Industrial Control Systems

The Industrial Control Safety group provides the technology, frameworks, engineering and CERN-wide support for systems and projects in all domains using standard industrial control solutions.

The group is responsible for:

  • identifying, proposing and selecting industrial controls technologies such as supervisory tools, logic controllers and associated communications protocols and fieldbuses for CERN needs.
  • design, implementation and support of a set of common frameworks and tools to ease, optimize and standardize the development of complete industrial control system solutions.
  • design, development, deployment and maintenance of complete control systems in the fields of process control, machine protection, safety instrumented systems, supervisory control and technical monitoring for the CERN technical infrastructure, experiments and accelerator systems.
  • CERN-wide support in industrial controls technologies, frameworks and control system engineering including product purchasing, licensing and distribution, consultancy, engineering, product evolution, preventive and corrective maintenance.

The Group offers additional expertise through its research and development activities in the fields of advanced control, dynamic simulation, data analytics, artificial intelligence in automation and quality assurance applied to control systems.